How To Get Credit Cards Without Any SSN in 2020

How To Get Credit Cards Without Any SSN in 2020

How do I get credit cards without any SSN in 2020? Well, you are going to love this blog post. I am the only person who brings it to you every day in the credit game to help you use credit, use the finances, do what mom and dad didn’t teach us, what teachers didn’t teach us have, and to show you with so much education and strength on the street, we really try to show you in the credit game that how your credit can be expanded.

Like my mission, it is to change the real national credit average. What are we going to talk about today, how do we get credit cards without using our SSN. Stay until the end because I’m going to share three ways you can get credit cards, depending on who you are, without using your Social Security number.

How To Get Credit Cards Without Any SSN in 2020
How To Get Credit Cards Without Any SSN in 2020

First method to get credit cards without an SSN

Okay, the first way is that if you are professionals who work so that you can use your passport correctly and the company is called Jasper MasterCard, no SSN is required as long as you have income. You can use your passport to get this MasterCard instead of using your Social Security number. So I have a lot of people who are like they’re working hard and they say, hey, I want some credit cards, but my credit isn’t the best you are. Uh, your gold, I’ll give you this golden ticket here, it’s here on the plate for you. So go to Jasper MasterCard and you can again use your passport and finances to get the credit card without using your SSN.

Second way to get credit cards without an SSN

Number two, and these are for people who have an EIN, so you have a business, maybe you have a business, but maybe you haven’t started it yet. So go to your online status and apply for an EIN, get your article organization, get your EIN number for free and now you are a legitimate business.

So in that case, what you need to do again is this: this won’t use your SSN, this will use your EIN. So what does EIN mean an employer identification number? It’s also a nine-digit number, ok, but it’s used to give credit to a business. So if you don’t want to use your SSN, you have to go to the brex b-r-e-x Mastercard. You don’t have to use your SSN and you can get a credit card using your EIN number.

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Third way to get credit cards without an SSN

Number three, these are for non-citizens. If you are not a citizen of the United States, there is something called an ITIN. So this is your individual tax identification number for non-citizens. I’m going to give you some advice here. This is also a nine-digit number for anyone who is not a citizen of the United States and has come here but wants to get a credit card and doesn’t have a Social Security number.

Okay, last year two tips were given about this American Express that said we were ready to help these people with the ITIN number.

American Express is my number one choice when it comes to an ITIN number, but again this replicates a Social Security number. Then you can get credit cards with your EIN or ITIN number.

Um or again, these are ways to get credit cards without using your SSN. You have a working person, you have to go to the United States Jasper Working People, Citizen Jasper MasterCard.

I give you value every day on the new and future things that happen, the most exciting news that comes out of what happens in FICO, what happens to it.

If you need any help with our operations, we can always help you with business sourcing, we can help you with credit repair, we can help you build your credit, maybe you have a thin file, or maybe you don’t have any credit I have great credit but this is a heavy load. What I have known over the past few years and what I aim to do is to really help raise the national credit average.

We have phenomenal providers where you can get discounts of up to 75 on Divisions and Elite Credit Repairs. I mean, we have programs for every person I don’t care about.

If you have any queries, let it share in the comments.

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