Everything New About Android 11 Beta 3 Version

Everything New About Android 11 Beta 3 Version

Android 11 Beta 3 was released yesterday for developers and beta testers. This is the final version or the final beta or release candidate that should basically be finalized as it will be released for a month in a couple of weeks.

According to Google, this particular version was pretty big now and you will see here that it was the first time I installed it on this device, but it was 1.73 gigabytes and it is for Pixel 2, Pixel 2 xl 3 3 xl 3a 3axl Pixel 4 available and 4xl that I have here now should technically work on the 4a Pixel that I have here and on some Samsung devices.

Android 11 Beta Version 3

However, if you have a manufacturer other than a google phone, Samsung, another, and these companies, they have to get these specific updates out in order for them to have them but it is up to them to remove them. Hope you see them already or check them out soon, the build number in this particular update you might see is rpb3.200720.005 and the first change is that they changed the way in which the build number is displayed in the notification bar.

Everything New About Android 11 Beta 3 Version
Everything New About Android 11 Beta 3 Version

Above you can see it’s cut off a bit and then we have a dividing line with our media player above and this is one of the first changes with Beta 3.

So we have our media player here in our quick settings and we can stack that up to five of them so that you can play the media on the phone there or music or whatever you have and you should see it here. Swipe the media notifications every now and then, and there’s a different setting here too.

If you slide your finger over the little settings icon, you will notice that we have a new update or a new option that says to hide the player after the multimedia session ends. The player allows you to continue a session using the advanced quick settings panel, you can enable this if you want to disable it as you like. However, this is a new option that will now appear. The power menu was changed again. Now it has been changed several times during the beta version. So if we hold the power button down I’ll see we also have backup power and bug reports for the betas and then I have quick access to my home cameras and the like, which is good.

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If we continue, you’ll see that we have a square menu with a square or two that form a rectangle to shut down and restart. So we have them in some sort of square from time to time, and if we type outside of that it might not be organized in the same way for you when running Beta 3.

Depending on whether you have that home area there or not, so you might have the power supply on the right, depending on what you have on your screen now with this version. Android finally added your Easter egg, so take a look that we’re going to get into our settings here, and you can see that pixel buttons used to be attached. Some of them change a lot.

But it shows you what you had before, what you are connected to, but let’s go to our Easter egg here. So when we’re on the phone we scroll down, tap Android 11 and then tap the Android 11 version at the top, keep tapping and now we have our Easter egg and it’s a clock face that we can use to go up to 11. So that we can keep turning it I’m not going to leave me here, we can turn it side to side and then turn it backwards and it has an 11.

So you can literally set it to 11, which is a little bit smart. Then you saw a little cat down here and there is another Easter egg. So when we get home, hold the power button and we have different options here. Now we can have cats. So if we want to add a control, we can add a control or edit a control. Tap See other apps at the bottom. Show other apps. We have cat controls. So when we tap on cat controls.

Let’s have a water bubbler and food bowl that is good enough. We’ll press to save. When we touch at home we have controls for cats so we can slide up and touch for the water bubbler to fill the water bowl or food bowl and then when we go home cats sometimes chat and dive at your notifications on. So it’s pretty cool to have that little easter egg there, but the cats are back now that’s something new if you like emoji. They have also been updated for Unicode.

So if you go into your messenger, whatever you’re using, and go to your emoji, you should now have 100+ new emoji here, so there are 100+ new emoji and different skin types and skin tones that there are plenty of new ones everywhere . Of course, if you use a lot of these you’ll appreciate it, but they are constantly being updated to conform to the Unicode standards and they have added a number of them to do this. Now there are two more changes in this particular update to Settings and then to our Developer Options, so let’s go to System, go to Advanced, go to Developer Developer Options if you’ve enabled it, then scroll down until a smooth screen is shown. looking for it makes it a lot easier.

You can see that there is a smooth screen that forces the screen at Pixel 4 and 4xl at 90 Hertz. This of course reduces the actual battery overall as it is not variable, but you have the option to force the screen to 90 Hertz again. So it’s nice that this has come back and then you may have already seen it in my search here. Now there are exposure notifications. The good thing is that it means enabling exposure notifications, installing a participating app that is disabled by default and there’s no way to turn it on unless you have an app that really wants to use it, so you don’t have the app just need to install.

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You need to verify that the app allows the app and then enable it to allow it too. So when you turn it on, it’s kind of double protection, so you’ll have that option in the future if you need to adhere to exposure notifications and apps. This type of built-in API is all new compared to Beta 2 and Beta 1.

There are also a lot of other changes that I’ll cover when it finally comes out when there are a lot of different changes but overall I’ve been using this for a day and it seems pretty simple, everything was nice and quick, at least it was very stable during the day More or less, the apps quickly open everything from the camera, you can take a photo quickly, everything seems to react very quickly and I had no problems in this regard, so I used it for both YouTube and social networks and it seems to be working fast and not surprisingly I would now expect a feature drop with this version in the next month as well.

I’m not sure if it will add to that, but there will supposedly be a functional degradation in September as far as the battery is concerned in general. I wouldn’t expect a surge with this particular device at this point. I think it’s as good as it works but in general, it took me a couple of days using it as my secondary device but in general, it seems to be doing pretty well. You will see this say there are three days left so I tend to put it in the Pixel on my feet at night so it seems to stay full and I had no issues but overall it works great.

I think it will be a good update, it won’t be a major breakthrough update compared to Android 10, but Android 11 is a good update.

If you want to try the beta version I see no reason not to, as long as you don’t mind cleaning the phone later. If there’s anything else I found that I didn’t mention, please let me know the following comments would like to hear from you.

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