Is it worth buying Apples iPhone 12 Specs Price Features Review

Is it worth buying Apple’s iPhone 12? Specs, Price & Features Review

Now that we’ve reached more than halfway through 2020, there are plenty of new phones to be released later this year, and one of the biggest is the iPhone 12.

In this blog post, we’re going to go through the new iPhone 12 lineup to see if it’s worth buying.

Let’s go well, here is a lot of interesting information about the new iPhone 12 series that is going to be released very soon. We’ll discuss things like any new specs and updates that the new iPhone 12 will bring along with pricing information and release date. Okay, first of all, I want to mention that there will be four different models of the new iPhone 12 that will be released.

Is it worth buying Apples iPhone 12 Specs Price Features Review
Is it worth buying Apples iPhone 12 Specs Price Features Review

Apple iPhone 12 & Pro Max Review, Specs Features

There will be the iPhone 12 that will have a 5.4-inch screen, there will be the iPhone 12 Max that will bring a 6.1-inch screen, and then we will have the professional models that obviously Always more advanced, with a faster processor, improved cameras, and other features.

The 12 Pro will also bring a 6.1-inch screen, so it was updated from the previous iPhone 11 Pro, which brought a 5.8-inch screen, which means a nice enlargement of the screen for the base 12 Pro model. Now the iPhone 12 Pro max will have an even larger screen than the iPhone 11 Pro max and will have a huge 6.7-inch super retina xdr screen.

It will have a resolution of 1242 x 2688 pixels and another major update is that the Pro models will come with a refresh rate of 120 Hertz, just like the Note 20 Ultra with Apple’s new technology for its screens called Pro Motion becomes. .

This is something the recently unveiled iPad Pro also brought with it, allowing newer iPhones to have a refresh rate of 120 Hertz while maintaining their high resolution on their displays. All iPhones are still rated for dust resistance and IP68 the water.

Obviously, all iPhones come with the new iOS that will be released as soon as it comes out, which is iOS 14.

Another interesting update that I like is that all iPhones now come with at least 128 gigabytes of standard storage than their line from last year. They are equipped with 64 gigabytes, which is a nice increase for everyone. The base models now offer more storage space and you can expand and maintain 256 and 512 gigabyte storage options. The RAM has also been updated by all models for faster processing while using several open apps at the same time, and in last year’s list they brought in four gigabytes of RAM, which is a good increase there too.

Another major update, the new iPhone 12s, also has an upgrade in its cameras. Like last year, they will be equipped with triple cameras, the 12-megapixel camera system with ultra-wide-wide camera and telephoto camera. However, this year they will be developing a new technology that includes a new sensor light. This will improve the portrait shots and augmented reality on your new iPhones so that they can become even more professional portraits.

The new iPhone 12 range also comes with various selfie cameras that are also 12 megapixels in size and can record 4k videos at up to 60 frames per second.

Now let’s go through the new design which is also a very interesting update that I like when Apple makes changes and gives users a new feel for their iPhones. Now they’re returning to the flat edges like they did when the iPhone 5 series was made. . and Series 4, making iPhones look a bit more square, which gives a more pleasant new look than what is expected of such a good change for the new iPhone line, so for the next update, the Apple A14 bionic chipset.

All new iPhone 12S will come with Apple’s new chipset, which will be an even faster processor than last year’s iPhone 11 range. This will be a bionic Apple A14 chipset, it will be a 5nm processor, and that is said to be the fastest processor and will be even faster than the one in the Note 20 Ultra. So it’s a super nice upgrade that Apple has always known to have the fastest processors in smartphones.

Despite doing some research, I found that the iPhone 11 Pro Max ran some benchmark tests and some leaked Geekbench 5 tests that weren’t run on 20 Ultras, and the Geekbench results for the Note 20 Ultra they fall right there to where the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s Geekbench test fell. This means that even higher benchmark test results are expected for the new line of the iPhone 12 than for all smartphones.

So the new iPhone 12 Pros will be available in five different colors, there will be matte colors, so they will be available in matte room gray, matte silver, matte gold, matte midnight green, and matte blue so there will be nice new additions to the customer. Offers a wider variety of colors for your phones. Another thing I like about Apple is that they keep their prices almost the same as last year so they don’t raise prices as their smartphones improve.

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I’ve found that the new Samsung S20s and S20 Ultra, as well as the new Note 20 Ultra, will be a bit more expensive in the 1,500 range, but Apple is keeping prices similar to last year, so the basic iPhone 12 is launching. at around 6.99 the iPhone 12 max will be priced at 7.99, the iPhone 12 pro will be slightly higher at 50 so instead of 9.99 as last year it is expected to come out at 1049 and the iPhone 12 Pro Max costs 1149 for the standard model with 128 gigabytes.

The new iPhone 12 line should be announced at the Apple event set to happen around September 2020 and expected to open to the public in October or maybe even November 2020 as it is a pandemic as it has taken a little longer to manufacture the apple’s release date is expected to be delayed by just a few weeks. So we are waiting again for October November as the actual release date. You can buy your new iPhone 12 here.

My Final Words on iPhone 12 worth buying or not?

Okay, is the iPhone 12 worth buying? We’re going to get into it, so I definitely like how Apple is changing it now, with four different models to choose from, three of which were offered last year. Very smart about the way they make their products and offer them to their customers to meet everyone’s demand so I like another offer.

The base iPhone 12 and 12 max for those of you who want different screen sizes on the simplest of iPhones and want to keep their professional models in the same price range only 50 times higher and offer bigger screens to choose from among a few other things. What I personally like is that they increase the screen size of the Pro-Max model.

Now it will bring a 6.7-inch screen, so a very nice update. I also like how they are increasing their storage from a simple 64 gigabyte model to now their standard 128 storage. Personally, I like how they change the look of their iphones screen now. to bring out flat edges that give your phone a different feel and I personally like Apple’s security and how fast their abionic processors have always been in my opinion depending on your budget.

The iPhone 12 line is definitely a buy before the blog post ends. Let me mention two things that I don’t like. One thing I read is that they don’t plug the quick charger into an electrical outlet, so the new iPhone 12s has a quick charge capacity of up to 18 watts. Apple makes 20-watt outlets for fast charging, but they don’t want to include these in their iPhone purchase just yet. So this has to be purchased separately and I don’t like that I have. According to Apple, Apple doesn’t want to provide us with headphones either. So when you buy your iPhone, you don’t have the usual Lightning connector headphones that you usually get when you buy your new iPhone.

It seems that Apple is trying to make extra money by not selling these things with your iPhone so you have to buy them separately. Maybe they do this to keep the prices on their phones, but either way, I don’t particularly like it. Everyone likes it, so these are all the major features and updates for the new iPhone 12 range.

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